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We are avid travellers and while we have been ‘around’, we certainly haven’t ticked all the boxes in the apparent great race to have been everywhere in the world. But that’s not what we are about – where we have been we have made sure that we have taken the time to see the place and got to know it a bit.

If you like how we travel and are captivated by the same things that we are, why not have a look at our experiences.


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Are you interested in doing a travel trip somewhere. Our downloadable pdf’s are not just a source of ‘dry’ travel information, but includes why we did the journey in the first place, what happened to us along the way, and how we went about it.

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Greg talking to Radio Interviewer in Olso just after the Norwegian Killings took place.

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Ancient Temple at Kanchanaburi Thailand.

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Photo of Musicians playing in Copanhagen

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By Greg Watt avid traveller and author of travel websites and blogs. You can keep up to date and share travel insights with Greg at traveller-info’s Facebook Page, or with Greg himself on his Google+ Page.

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